Strasser Harmonikas

Harmonikas mit Tradition seit 1926

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Pure traditional music without frills. But don’t take our word for it: Even the highly experienced accordion players whose immense knowledge and detailed wishes have flowed into our Nature models agree.

Custom built

Rows and reed ranks: 4/3

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Rows and reed ranks

4-row, 3 reed ranks:

46 treble buttons, 15 bass buttons (7 basses, 1 additional bass, 7 chords).
Transition bass (X-bass) also in first row (optional extra). Lightweight design.
Size: 38 x 20 cm

Design and Color

Custom built


Patented SKL treble mechanism, elaborately engraved fittings, extra-wide velvet-padded straps, shoulder connection, hand strap adjuster, bellows pad, transition bass for the first row, hand-made reeds (Durall Tipo a Mano), plush case. (For custom features please inquire).

Custom built

Superior craftsmanship and an eye for the unusual combined with uncompromising tests results in accordions that cross musical boundaries with inimitable sounds, and each of which is unique. Even in the most remote corners of the Alps everyone knows that the Strasser Nature models represent traditional alpine music in its purest form.