Strasser Harmonikas

Harmonikas mit Tradition seit 1926

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The Hoamat


Traditional music in its purest form: That’s how we see the Hoamat, and many experienced accordion players, whose extensive knowledge and well-considered wishes went into the instrument’s creation, agree.

“Hoamat” is how Austrians refer to home. The term conjures up feelings of comfort, unspoiled nature, and tradition – just like Strasser’s Hoamat model, which also proves that that off-the-shelf individuality is not a contradiction in terms. The series-produced Hoamat accordions unite the outstanding finish, refined design and quality materials of Strasser’s Natur range with an affordable price tag. They are available with or without the Styrian coat of arms.

Available in alder.
Rows and reed ranks: 4/3

Rows and reed ranks

4-row, 3 reed ranks

46 treble buttons
15 bass buttons (7 basses, 1 additional bass, 7 chords)
Transition bass (X-bass) also in first row (optional extra)
Lightweight design
Size 38 × 20 cm

Design and Colors

Available in alder


Patented SKL-treble mechanism, intricately engraved fittings, Bass bar, hand-made reeds (Durall Tipo a Mano), extra wide and entirely padded straps, shoulder connection, handstrap adjustor, bellows protection, Transition bass (X-bass) also in first row (optional extra), plush case.

A piece of nature off the shelf

Craftsmanship at its best and a feel for the unusual have given birth to this special instrument. Introduced to meet rising demand, the Hoamat combines superior quality with quick availability and an affordable price tag. The Strasser Hoamat embodies traditional music in its purest and finest form.